140 Green Tweeters to Follow

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Green Tweeters

The environment needs our help.   There is undeniable proof that global warming is real, and negatively impacting our world.   It is our responsibility to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.  At SocialEarth we believe social media, specifically Twitter, can be a powerful tool for educating people and cultivating support.  Previously, we’ve highlighted the top social entrepreneurs and microfinance people and organizations on Twitter, and now we want to highlight the top Green tweeters on Twitter.   These tweeters fall in a variety of categories including green news, green fashion, green lifestyle tips, and others.  Follow them.  Retweet them.  Support them.  Their work is more important  now than ever before.  If your tweets support the environment, please add your name in the comments!

Ten Must Follow


Green Lifestyle Tips

Green Lifestyle


Green News



Green Conferences



Green Jobs



Green Fashion


Green Homes & Buildings



Wind Energy



Solar Energy



Green Organizations



Green People (you get the idea!)



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Erik is a perpetually curious social innovator. As a serial entrepreneur, Erik knows a thing or two about change. As a co-founder of SocialEarth, Erik hopes to channel his passion for social advocacy into an innovative venue of social awareness for others.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/writerpollock Tristan

    Awesome list Erik!

  • http://www.socialearth.org Erikeliason

    Thanks TP!

  • http://www.greenschoolsalliance.org/ Green Schools Alliance

    Check out the Green Schools Alliance @Greenschoolsall, http://www.greenschoolsalliance.org, schools taking action on climate change and the environment. K-12 schools are the perfect starting place for green change!

  • http://solar.calfinder.com/ Taylen

    Thanks for the great tweeps! we posted one like this about remodelers! i'll be checking these 140 out for sure, though :)

  • http://jefflambert.com/ Jeff
  • http://www.socialearth.org Erikeliason

    Thanks for adding Jeff! We knew we couldn't capture every green tweeter. Cheers!

  • clairecarlton

    Hello Erik
    WOW I just wanted to say a very big thank you for listing WWF_Climate twitter so high. Am very touched and humbled that we have managed to get such a big shout. This being the year of climate change it is amazing to see how much the medis is now reporting on all things green. Even a few years ago this would not have been the case.
    Again thank you and many of the other twitters listed are fantastic so well done on a great list.
    Cheers Claire

  • http://greensamaritan.wordpress.com/ Jeanne

    Following most and great to have organized by category. Thanks.

  • http://www.jjprojects.com jjprojects

    Hey, you forgot to add @earthhour in the organisations http://twitter.com/EarthHour

  • Ceebie

    I'd suggest adding @NatureConsCDA to your list of green orgs…But that would make your list 141 long :)

  • CeladonCelery

    Thanks for developing such a great list of eco people out there and putting them into categories.

    Check out how and why we are ECO-CHIC :
    http://www.celadoncelery.com/blog / follow @celadoncelery

  • http://www.socialearth.org Erikeliason

    Thanks Celadon! We're glad you find it useful.

  • http://www.socialearth.org Erikeliason

    Since it's in the comments, consider it added!

  • http://www.socialearth.org Erikeliason

    Glad to hear!

  • http://www.socialearth.org Erikeliason

    Nice catch, thanks for adding them. They've done a tremendous amount of good.

  • http://www.socialearth.org Erikeliason

    Thanks Claire. We love the work (& tweets) you do. I think many of the of the organizations on the list have a similar challenge of educating & engaging people in their cause. We here at SocialEarth are trying to inform citizens of the work they do. Awareness is the first step to change.

  • http://www.jjprojects.com jjprojects

    Well full disclosure, I work on social media for Earth Hour :)

  • http://www.greeneventconnection.com/ Michael

    I would add @greeneventco to the list. They cover all the green events that are happening around the globe.

  • http://www.allgreentome.com/ Justin

    Thanks for the great list. Check out @allgreentome for enviro coverage of the mid-Atlantic

  • http://www.planetprotect.com/ Michael

    In the green fashion section I would add @planetprotect. Great clothes…Great advocate for the environment.

  • http://georgiaplanet.com/ Name

    Check out http://GeorgiaPlanet.com (@GeorgiaPlanet)
    Cool site for people that live here in Georgia. The guy who created the site is really connecting people with diverse backgrounds, income, etc. and connecting high school and college kids with business and community leaders!

  • http://twitter.com/ryanmilani Ryan Milani

    Two more to consider: @greenmaven and @greenmba

    @Greenmaven- the worlds largest green search engine and green business directory. Tweets new submissions and interesting news stories.

    @GreenMBA- From Dominican University of California's GreenMBA. Tweets sustainable business ideas and news.

  • http://www.brammofan.com/ Brammofan

    I follow a lot of great green transportation/car related tweeters:
    @autobloggreen http://www.autobloggreen.com
    @evchels Chelsea Sexton (“Who Killed the Electric Car?”

  • http://environmentaleducationuk.wordpress.com/ chesham1

    Looking for Environmental Education/Education/
    Please see my tweets at Chesham1 and my blog at http://environmentaleducationuk.wordpress.com/

  • http://www.socialearth.org Erikeliason

    Sounds great, thanks Michael.

  • http://www.socialearth.org Erikeliason

    Just discovered their work, very exciting! http://planetprotect.com/

  • http://www.socialearth.org Erikeliason


    Love the interface of Georgia Planet. Nice work :)

  • http://twitter.com/dmwolford Desiree

    Thank you for naming @greenbizconf

  • http://www.socialearth.org Erikeliason

    Of course, Desiree. @greenbizconf provides some very insightful tweets!

  • tabraham1975

    Great list. Take a look at http://twitter.com/elementalnyc and the companion blog http://blog.elementalnyc.com/

  • pprc

    Check out the Pollution Prevention Resource Center @PacNW_pprc, http://www.pprc.org. They provide technical assistance to businesses, agencies and non-profits to help conserve resources and improve performance. Best of all, the services are FREE.

  • tabraham1975

    Great list. Take a look at http://twitter.com/elementalnyc and the companion blog http://blog.elementalnyc.com/

  • pprc

    Check out the Pollution Prevention Resource Center @PacNW_pprc, http://www.pprc.org. They provide technical assistance to businesses, agencies and non-profits to help conserve resources and improve performance. Best of all, the services are FREE.

  • http://tweetattacks.weebly.com/ twitter follower adder

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  • http://spaceheaterbuy.com space heater

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  • Peter

    You might also consider @NewsOnGreen for the Green News section

  • Water Matters

    check out @H2OScore… a really cool thing going on!

  • Natalie

    I don’t understand some of the choices on here, GreenInc, for example, has 15 followers and no tweets. Why is that an important account to follow?

  • http://twitter.com/BrowerCenter The David Brower Ctr

    Follow @BrowerCenter, LEED Platinum building, conference center and eco-art Gallery in downtown Berkeley.

  • http://twitter.com/GreenKnack Green Knack

    Thank you for the great list, very useful! Won’t be able to follow everyone, but it’s a great selection to revist from time to time.
    And with a bit of luck, we’ll be “on” the list one day too :-)
    Have a green week everyone!

  • Anonymous

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