{30 days} Tip #2: Loan $25 to a poor entrepreneur on Kiva

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If you haven’t read our first post on Kiva, check it out. Hopefully, you’re already familiar with them anyway. Today’s tip is for you to join the Kiva movement and lend a struggling entrepreneur a small loan. You don’t have to be a millionaire to do this, just have a few extra dollars and be ready to do good. By the way, did we mention their repayment rate is 98%?! So in all likelihood, you will get your hard earned dollars back.

Why lend?
1.) You directly empower a poor entrepreneur
2.) You directly contribute to an individual’s and quite possibly an entire family’s well being
3.) You support the local economy of the country/region in which you lend
4.) You probably spend more than $25 on lattes in any given week, most it probably goes to your waistline and it’s money you can never reuse
5.) You genuinely care for those less fortunate and want them to share in the prosperity of life
6.) We can go on and on but you get the idea :)

Cool. So where can you find out more and get started? Here: www.kiva.org/about.


Naiomi is passionate about business for good and social entrepreneurship. As co-founder of SocialEarth, she hopes to help create an information platform enabling those doing good to share their stories with those those seeking to help and are interested in moving our world forward.

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