30 Days to Becoming More Socially Conscious

Posted by on April 8, 2009 in 30 Days, Resources


We understand that for most of us here in the developed world, packing up shop and leaving our family and friends behind to start a hunger relief organization in a remote African village is not exactly practical. Doable, but probably not something most of us would be willing to do. Fair enough.

But that doesn’t mean we can continue to live in ignorance of the global poverty, illiteracy and healthcare needs of billions in the world while destroying our planet via an overly consumptive lifestyle. Indeed, there are actions we can take, however minor, on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis to aid our poorer friends and cease abusing our environment so we can create a more prosperous and sustainable world. In fact, organizations such as Kiva, Grameen Bank, Care2, Donors Choose, and a host of others make it easy for the average person with a computer and a heart to support a great cause.

Starting on April 15, and going through May 15, we will share one practical, doable tip each day that will help you take action and do your part in helping us to create a more prosperous, sustainable and equitable world. Go ahead, do something good and make a difference!


Naiomi is passionate about business for good and social entrepreneurship. As co-founder of SocialEarth, she hopes to help create an information platform enabling those doing good to share their stories with those those seeking to help and are interested in moving our world forward.

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