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Posted by on November 17, 2011 in Asia, cause marketing, Non-Profit, PR+Social Media

Ever since the dotcom boom of the nineties, the world has witnessed the advent of a new age. A glorious new age, filled with entrepreneurs turned to the internet to make a mark on society. A spurt of social ventures, aiming to spread hope, charity and goodwill among the less fortunate, jostled with each other, competing for more exposure, greater funds, and better recognition. 4Core Arts, a group project lead by a team of engineers from BITS Pilani University, India, was created keeping the needs of such social ventures in mind.

On its own, the concept of 4 Core Arts, is unique. Built on the premise that an organization’s exposure, in today’s world, is almost directly proportional to the web-space they can afford, 4 Core Arts aims to help other organizations by helping them build their marketing campaigns, using creative multimedia and technology, like designing videos, banners, logos and favicons.

“4Core Arts was an idea that we wanted to explore for quite a while now,” says Anurag VNVJ, one of the initiators of this project. “We saw that there are many such charities, and organizations, that want to provide relief, assistance to the underprivileged, and the less fortunate – but what they struggle in, is exposure. For example, when we conducted our initial research into this area, we found that most of the respondents knew only about two to three organizations that help the needy. And we realized that these organizations are the ones that have the money to afford proper publicity campaigns, advertisements, etc. But what about other hundreds of companies that are still trying to spread good in the world but cannot afford all this? We wanted to help them.”

4 Core Arts, has had a few clients now, and are planning to go strong for quite some time. Their very first assignment was to create a video for launch of a Virginia based B-Corp’s education movement and subsequently have worked with non-profits in the India. Since the team is not full time into the project they take up pure-profit firm’s requests on a case by case basis (and sell their works) to keep the project sustainable. With the team spread across the globe (Hyderabad and Goa, India; Madrid, Spain; and Florida, USA), they want to create a niche for themselves, by helping other organizations fulfill their roles.

The 4Core Arts Team: Anurag V, Srikanth CS, Chaitanya LVK, Varun KV, Harish Aditham.

Contact anuragvnvj [at] hotmail [dot] com or interact with the team on their Facebook page to talk about your needs or if you would like to join them in their endeavor.


Piyush is the founder of EduCare, a socially responsible online education company. EduCare provides online one-on-one tutoring and develops educational mobile apps for K-12 and college students. And with every tutoring session completed or a mobile app downloaded by a student in developed country, they help educate an underprivileged child in need through their Global Education Movement. EduCare was founded to promote education globally. Before founding EduCare, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University with a magna cum laude honor in May 2010.

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