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The following is from the beautifully articulated TBD email by All Day Buffet.

If you ran the world, what would you do? Go ahead, think for a sec. (Aside from buying an island off of Thailand and/or making someone bake you a pie every morning.) How about something as audacious as saving the world? Now there’s a new venture out there to help you do just that.

IfWeRanTheWorld is out to answer that one big question with a lot of little actions. The website is based on the insight that the world’s largest pool of untapped natural resources is made of the human good intentions that are never translated into action. To turn the tide, the site uses a combination of crowdsourcing and algorithms to break down big social goals into a series of “microactions”: steps that are too simple and effective to pass up.

Just as Kiva leverages microfinance, or as Twitter aggregates information through  micro-blogging, IWRTW looks to harness the power of small increments and crowdsourcing through gathering many people around these small, powerful steps. The endgame is simply to make more good action happen. 

The basic site launched yesterday at TED University; it’s been opened up for public testing in an unconventional, experimental phase. IWRTW’s creators invite everybody to help make it work. Anyone can generate actionplatforms and microactions, offer feedback through a public comment stream… and, in short, start to run the world.

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