SocialEarth is the leading source for news and information about social entrepreneurship. The company has over 170 contributors in 25 countries which cover the latest trends and provide thoughtful analysis on socially and environmentally conscious news. Our contributors work for leading social enterprises including Ashoka, Acumen Fund, Pop! Tech, ACCION USA, The HUB, and Opportunity International. To get a better idea of who are contributors are, take a look at a few of their profiles.

Our viewpoint
At SocialEarth, we believe the future of our livelihoods and our world depends on the creation and sustainability of such businesses. Therefore, we seek, promote and support social entrepreneurs, young and old, domestic and international, established and new, who have the audacity to create mindful businesses where profitability is a necessary objective and solving a ‘social ill’ is an imperative. If you know a person or business that is doing good, tell us!

Stories we cover
We cover news stories from green to microfinance, and almost everything in between. If there is an entrepreneur who is a making a genuine difference in the world via their business, we would be happy to do a story on them. While our core focus is social entrepreneurship, we will also share stories of individuals and organizations (non-profits, for profits, charitable, venture capital) that are uplifting the human race via their work.