Affordable Medical Internship Programs in India to Kickstart Your Career

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medicalOne of the best things about traveling overseas is that you get to learn a lot about our world; for many, it’s the prime objective. Ever since the concept of international student exchange program has begun, many students have capitalized on this opportunity and have made it big by learning not just about their core subject, but the entire new culture of a kind. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford international education or work experience; with, even, sponsorships as well being limited. But, as they say, “Nothing is impossible in our world!”

International internship programs abroad during gap year break are turning things around big time for many students, globally; especially for medical and pre-med students. And guess which is their most preferred destination for attending a medical internship program? Yes! It’s the incredible country of India.

There are a series of affordable medical internship programs in India that are on offer for students looking for international hands-on experience and exposure. These programs are offered as a part of volunteer abroad programs, offered by several different volunteer placement agencies.

On the lines of affordability, taking up an internship volunteer program in India is a great budget travel option for two main reasons;

  • Firstly, since, India is a developing country and its currency is still weaker than several US, UK, and European countries; making the living expenses much more affordable.
  • Secondly, traveling India on a medical internship program not only lets you get the required work experience and learning, but also gives you a golden opportunity to explore this incredible country from up-close. Thus, providing a 2-in-1 experience of traveling India.

dental“Interning in India is a lifetime opportunity to understand the medical system of one of the fastest growing economies of the world.” says a source from Volunteering India; a volunteer placement agency based in India, offering internship and volunteer programs in India.

When categorized, there are mainly two types of medical internship programs offered in India; which are;

Medical and Healthcare Internship

This is for students from nursing, pre-med and medical school practicing general medicine and healthcare. While some of the placements are provided in government and private hospitals in city areas, the most challenging, yet, educational are the ones provided in clinics, dispensaries, and local hospitals in rural areas. There are several different departments a student can choose to work in; including, physiotherapy, outpatient, surgery, pediatrics, pathology & forensic medicine, orthopedics, and more. Interns work under the guidance of in-house nursing staff and professional doctors. It’s a great learning experience altogether.

Dental Elective Internship

Along with general medicine and healthcare, there are internship opportunities for dental students as well. The placement for these programs are provided mainly in rural areas only. Volunteer interns get to tag along with in-house dental team of professionals in conducting seminars and awareness programs, free dental check-ups for communities residing in remote areas, and more. There is lot to learn from this kind of internship program.

Working under medical internship programs in India can be a great learning curve for pre-med and medical students. And the fact that these programs are highly affordable and well within the budget, makes it all the more interesting. Experience the majestic land of India, its diversified culture, and rich heritage; all while giving your career a kick start in the right direction.

Dronacharya Dave

Dronacharya holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and has industry experience of more close to fours years. Started with IT firm, he is now an ardent traveler and volunteer, and likes to share his travel experiences with the world. He has been writing for Volunteering Solutions, a leading volunteer placement organization based in India, ever since he volunteered with the them the first time. You can find the latest updates, facts, and everything related to volunteering abroad in his articles.

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