Alfa-Resorts: Vacationing with Ecological & Social Responsibility

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Thinking of a vacation in the coming year? Well you might consider visiting an up and coming, socially conscious line of resorts, Alfa Resorts. Recently founded in Bali, Indonesia, Alfa Resorts seek to combine fun in the sun with eco-friendly operations. Operating initially off the cost of Southwest Indonesia, the first resort property, Dharma Gili, aims to attract tourists with both beautiful beaches and earth friendly construction methods.

The mission of the company is to develop a successful resort business model that is environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and financially viable. In achieving those goals, Alfa Resorts hope to make quantifiable improvements in the lives of employees, local communities, guests and stakeholders while creating a model that is geographically and aesthetically replicable.

While it is not entirely transparent how the company will ensure operations are ‘green,’ resorts will act as a catalyst to new businesses. Due to their pre fabricated low impact design and construction methods, Alfa resorts attain the ability to be developed in locations normally restricted by significant logistical and operational barriers to entry.

Toward this means, the resorts generate opportunities to address community based issues such as education, employment, clean water, basic health, hygiene, disease control, nutrition and poverty. Additionally, the resorts can be used to seed and support other initiatives and businesses many of which will have the resorts as their first customer.






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