Aqua Water Tower Changing Lives In India, Philippines and the Dominican Republic

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large-1Everything humans do is a function of water. We are made up of water. Water vapour is the insulation that keeps our atmosphere comfortable, it is used to make our electricity, grow our food and produce our clothes. So imagine if you lived somewhere in the world where clean water was a scarce resource, how would you imagine your life would be? Some 70,000 people in impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic, India and the Philippines live without access to clean water; their lives are hard.

The impact of not having access to safe water and proper sanitation means that the women and children in these communities spend a significant amount of time and labour getting access to clean water, often carrying heavy loads on their backs. Some of the most remote places do not have access to proper toilets, making the once fresh water rivers unsafe to drink and not the best place to bath. The impact on people in these communities is profound and has an especially negative affect on women and children. Poignantly, one organisation called Planet Water estimates that 4,000 children die every day from water related illnesses.

Now Planet Water has collaborated with Children International to make a difference to these communities in India, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic with a three-year project that will bring these people clean, safe water. Aqua Towers will be constructed at Children International community centres and local schools where the water will be purified and made it available for drinking and washing. Children in these communities will be taught the importance of clean water and good hygiene as it is so critical to their health. Additionally, Planet Water is developing portable emergency water systems that will be stored at 10 Children International community centres in the Philippines that can be used in the wake of natural disasters.

These Aqua Towers will immediately transform these communities as the Towers will be able to give a community of 1,000 people, at least 10,000 litres of water per day with a water quality that meets World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. It will be a green solution, operating without power or use of chemicals. Crucially and amazingly, this system can be installed in a day and has a five year guarantee.

Aqua Towers has the power to start to improve the current water figures that are estimated by the WHO and UNICEF who say that 783 million people in the world do not have access to safe water; that’s roughly 11 per cent of the world’s population, while 2.5 billion people in the world do not have access to adequate sanitation—that’s about 35 percent of the world’s population. This joint initiative by Planet Water and Children International will ultimately support the UN’s Millennium Development Goals for clean drinking water and improved sanitation.

Photo Credit: Planet Water

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