Ashoka Launches Innovative Scaling Platform for Social Entrepreneurs’ Ideas

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Over the last 30 years Ashoka has been enabling early-stage social entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. This network of Ashoka Fellows has become one of the largest and most supportive systems in social entrepreneurship. The newest addition to this support system, coined Ashoka Globalizer, was launched February 18 and is funded by the Essl Social Prize, which is the largest award in the world for social entrepreneurs at 1 million Euro.

Ashoka Globalizer commenced with 25 Ashoka Fellows who were deemed ready to scale internationally. The selected Fellows will attend panels in Vienna, Italy headed by experienced social entrepreneurs. These panels will help structure each entrepreneur’s scaling strategies and give a stamp of approval. After Vienna, will encompass a variety of collaborative tools to further each social entrepreneurs expansion plans.

On Thursday, three of the 25 Fellows joined AshokaTech, SocialEarth, and other SocEnt bloggers to explain how the Globalizer program will further their goals. Salomon Raydan of Comunidades Auto-Financiadas, Gary Slutkin of CeaseFire International, and Caroline Casey of Kanchi took time out of their busy social ventures to answer questions and discuss what the Globalizer program means for them.

“Seeing the possibility of that vision becoming real,” is what Casey said made her most excited about the Globalizer program and her latest success in spreading her organization from Ireland into Spain.

The main degree to entering a country was defined simply by Raydan saying, “The main question in entering a new country is: How different is it going to be there?” Raydan has already scaled his community healthcare program from Venezuela to Spain to Senegal, with major success.

Slutkin described his theory for success, “Reunderstanding a problem’s strategy is what needs to be accomplished.”

The 25 Globalizer Fellows will also use another new online platform called MindShare. This site will be private and will link Ashoka’s leading social entrepreneurs with global collaborators to refine strategies, expand networks, explore synergies and share resources.

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