AT&T Uses Technology and Innovation to Help Build a More Sustainable World

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14327910926_beed7df259In an increasingly connected world, technology, innovation and expertise can help find solutions to some of the most pressing global problems. A large corporation holds the potential to make a significant impact if it employs its resources, knowledge and networks to promote all-round sustainable development.

AT&T is one such example of a corporation that is leading from the front to push for sustainability in multiple areas. The company is more committed than ever to engaging with educators, nonprofits and entrepreneurs to improve learning and career opportunities for youth. On the environmental front, AT&T has developed a toolkit together with Environmental Defense Fund that could potentially save businesses 28 billion gallons of water each year.

With one of the biggest commercial fleets in the U.S., AT&T has deployed over 8,000 alternative fuel vehicles. The company continues to test innovative ways to encourage consumers to recycle their phones. It is also working closely with its supply chain to encourage other companies to improve their social and environmental performance, and track the impact of businesses on GHG emissions.

The recently released AT&T 2013 Sustainability Update links to an online library of details on more than 30 key areas, which include supporting students most in need, addressing natural resource challenges, exploring the future of ‘Smart Buildings,’ engaging with employees who are motivated to serve their communities, and working with suppliers to reduce the social and environmental impacts.

The Sustainability Update reports that AT&T’s top suppliers achieved an average score of 63 percent on the company’s Citizenship and Sustainability Scorecard. The company believes supplier engagement is critical to finding opportunities to make operations more efficient, reduce environmental impacts and influence positive social change while reducing long term costs. On the energy front, AT&T has realized annualized energy savings of over $191 million from 18,800 energy efficiency projects implemented since 2010.

The Sustainability Update also highlights AT&T’s signature education initiative called AT&T Aspire. The company has invested $94.6 million in the program over the last two years as part of a $350 million commitment. The program also involves mentoring by employees, and 339,000 hours of mentoring has already been performed. The company is on track to meet its goal of one million hours through 2016.

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