Attention Online Activists! Do You Click for a Cause, and More…?

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Clicking for a cause is nothing new. Online change-makers have been using as their “free click to donate” source for quite some time. What is new is this: A Squidoo page dedicated to listing all “click for a cause” Web sites.

If you aren’t familiar with “click for a cause” initiatives, follow me. “Click for a cause” Web sites/buttons have become the easiest way for nonprofits and dedicated enthusiasts to leverage the Web for good. A “click for a cause” user simply clicks a button, or link, and is directed to view an advertiser’s message. The advertiser then donates per click and thus a beautiful relationship is formed. The best part is the advertisers that participate are usually socially responsible themselves! No spam messages here.

Squidoo, a social network where users can create their own Web pages and content, has played a significant part in the lives of people supporting localized and worldwide good works (see “Get to Know 15 Social Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Ideas on Squidoo“). With the new edition of a “click to donate” information page, Squidoo again brings online activists together for a good cause (a big thanks to the page creator, Melissa Hogan, a.k.a. story3girl).

Of course Squidoo is not the only avenue online activists can use to find and fund the causes they care about. Facebook also has joined in the game thanks to a page by Kayzad Namdarian. His page highlights the many ways to click and donate for poverty alleviation.

BetterTheWorld (BTW) and Everywun are two more companies that are organizing an online collective of do-gooders. At users can install a sidebar on their Internet browser, tweet out goals, share accomplishments on Facebook and much more. The BTW sidebar is the main accumulator of points (points add up and give to a charity of your choice) as it shows socially conscious ads while you browse the Web. also allows your actions to contribute directly to causes of your choice. Want to plant a tree? Just take a quiz, one point per question, 100 points equals a tree planted. Or, choose from a selection of other causes, it’s up to you. Plus, you can earn points for getting friends to join, adding a badge to your blog or Facebook and more. Pretty cool, huh?

The increasing trend of online activity towards bettering the world is unmistakable. Social entrepreneurs across the world are utilizing “click for a cause” and other innovative Web tools to help those in need. Keep your eyes peeled, more will definitely be coming on this subject.

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