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August 19, 2015, No comments

Booz Allen Hamilton launched a new initiative in July called STEM Girls 4 Social Good, an effort to bring together professionals and University students with STEM backgrounds to work on […]

Youth programs are a critical part of Children International’s vision to have every child graduate from their program healthy, educated, employable and empowered to break the cycle of poverty. ©2015 Children International

Youth Civic Engagement Activities Critical for Empowering Young People

August 14, 2015, No comments

Youth civic engagement activities and programs are critical for empowering young people to develop their skills and talents; participate in political, ...


Rural Visionaries to be Honored During Farm Credit Centennial

August 11, 2015, No comments

Rural America is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a changing global agriculture economy, and a new effort is underway to champion the women, m ...


Using Green Infrastructure to ‘Climate Proof’ Our Cities

August 11, 2015, No comments

One of the consequences of our changing climate is an increase in the severity and frequency of storms and other weather-related events in many parts ...

  • Dr. Shona Duncan, fermentation specialist at the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology, is shown with the institute's 20 liter fermentor.
    New Short Course Offered in Biomass Bioeconomy
    July 8, 2015, No comments

    Gain familiarity with the integrated, interdisciplinary approach required in modern biotechnology in a new five-day course offered in August at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. This course, Introduction to Concepts [...]