April 19, 2017, No comments

VMware India recently sealed a deal with its builders to enable two of its largest buildings based in the city of Bangalore – Kalyani Vista and Kalyani Magnum – to receive […]


Working to Make Coffee the World’s First Sustainable Agricultural Commodity

April 18, 2017, No comments

At Fair Trade USA we have long worked with a diverse range of stakeholders to deliver on our mission to empower farmers and workers around the world. ...


Celebrating Women in STEM on Ada Lovelace Day

October 17, 2016, No comments

by Austin Belisle For every young woman who wants to pursue a career in science, math, engineering, or technology (STEM), look no further than Ada Lov ...


Driving Security into Digitized, Connected Cars

October 3, 2016, No comments

As cars become digitized and connected to enable a better driving experience, enhance safety and relieve congestion, the threat of a cyber event is ev ...

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    Ideas Award Finalists Announced
    June 21, 2016, No comments

    Out of the 80 submissions, the field has been narrowed to 15. But, there can only be three winners of the Booz Allen Aspen Ideas Award. This spring, Festival Presenters [...]