CoopeTal Oil Cup Shot - thumbnail
May 6, 2013, No comments

The possibility of oil exploitation has threatened the greater community of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca – have banded together to provide an alternative to petroleum. The Actuality Media on Actuality […]

Kon Chai Moon

Kon Chai Moon

January 18, 2013, No comments

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Pablo Picasso Have you ever heard of the Shan are still here, there culture is some ...

Shots from a "City History" tour in León

Subida de los Niños

January 4, 2013, No comments

“Kids are like sponges. They absorb what they see, and if what they see is good they will have common sense in the future.” – Chisti ...

Cambio Featured

El Camino A Cambio

December 6, 2012, 1 Comment

“Hope is a waking dream.” – Aristotle In reality, this is only where the cobblestone road ends. And where taxis go no further. A tra ...

  • El Puente
    El Puente – The Bridge
    October 29, 2012, No comments

    “Your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.” – Earl Nightingale One indigenous group caught in the [...]

  • A Local Checking In On The Film Crew Outside León
    Un Techo Para Meyling
    October 11, 2012, No comments

    “Rain does not fall on one roof alone.” – West African Proverb Un Techo Para Mi Pais (or Techo for short) began operations, following a program that begins with building [...]

  • Fun time with cameras at COSA
    Our Daughters For Sale
    September 13, 2012, No comments

    Thousands of women from rural Thailand, China, Laos, Burma and Cambodia are sold to brothels in Bangkok or in other countries by unscrupulous “job brokers,” who often operate in organized [...]

  • Filming "All About The Silicone"
    All About The Silicone
    August 28, 2012, 1 Comment

    “Solid wastes” are the discarded leftovers of our advanced consumer society. This growing mountain of garbage and trash represents not only an attitude of indifference toward valuable natural resources, but [...]

  • Giving Women A Choice
    Giving Women A Choice
    August 13, 2012, No comments

    “The State of World Population 2011 reveals that Guatemalan women between 15 and 49 years have on average 3.8 children (2010-2015), when the average Latin-American level is 2.2. For indigenous [...]

  • Storyboarding
    ¿Que Será del Caribe?
    August 7, 2012, No comments

    “These are the big fish, who always try to eat down the small fish. I tell you what, they would do anything to materialize their every wish.” – Bob Marley, [...]

  • CasaSito
    July 31, 2012, No comments

    “Casa” = “Home” “Sito” = “Site” “CasaSito” = “Little Engine” While schools are, of course, an important part of this program, CasaSito also works to overcome a general ...

  • Ritmo En Los Barrios
    Ritmo en los Barrios
    July 24, 2012, No comments

    Granada, Nicaragua.  Ritmo en los Barrios is a program that teaches impoverished children to find their inner musical talent. The program works to aid impoverished youth in the area through [...]