February 9, 2016, No comments

The use of animals in entertainment is going out of fashion for ethical reasons and ​its ​decreasing popularity. The documentary Black Fish has put the spotlight on the plight of […]


“Women in Seafood” Highlights Women’s Role in Sustainable Fishing

February 8, 2016, No comments

The role women play in making seafood more sustainable is about to get more attention as a new online video series focuses on them. ​The Sea Delight ...


Vegan Interior Option Offered in Tesla e-Car

February 2, 2016, No comments

Tesla has launched a new electric SUV that is a double-whammy in terms of sustainability. For one, it is an electric car, which emits zero carbon sinc ...


Kenya Gets Affordable Medicine Through “Novartis Access” Program

October 29, 2015, No comments

Kenya will be the first country to benefit from a new scheme that will deliver affordable medication to treat a range of diseases, including cardiovas ...