October 17, 2017, No comments

BrewDog was woofed up its CSR program and will give away 20 percent of its profits every year, the company has announced. 10 percent will be shared equally among its […]


Women Coffee Producers Empowered by Donated Equipment

October 4, 2017, No comments

Women make th​e majority of ​coffee producers​. I​n fact, almost the totality of it, since they are responsible for up to 90 percent of the fi ...


Lab Meat Startup Gets Investment from Gates, Branson, and Cargill

October 2, 2017, No comments

Livestock is one of the main causes of climate change, accounting for 18 percent of all emissions, according to a 2006 UN report. This data has prompt ...


Multicultural Innovation Lab Launches

September 28, 2017, No comments

Morgan Stanley has launched an initiative to help startups with a multicultural or woman founder, co-founder or CTO to grow and develop. The Multicult ...

  • algbtqJJ
    Pride Month: The Rules of Engagement
    July 5, 2017, No comments

    We should not underestimate the power of consumer advocacy and the role identity politics plays in today’s world. ​​ One of the communities that best understands this logic is the [...]