January 5, 2017, No comments

California is in its sixth year of drought, and a swath of the state is in the worst category, “exceptional.” One of its reservoirs, Lake Cachuma has nearly disappeared, with […]


How Healthcare Plastic Can Be Part of the Circular Economy

October 19, 2016, No comments

Hospitals rely on a vast amount of plastic–from irrigation bottles to pitchers. What happens to that plastic when it’s reached the end of its ...


Companies Save Unwanted Clothes from Ending Up in Landfills

October 10, 2016, No comments

Textile waste is a huge problem. In just the U.S. alone, 25 million pounds of textiles are created every year. That is about 82 pounds per person. Onl ...


Turning Trash into Footwear

August 30, 2016, No comments

Nike’s goal is to have zero waste from its footwear manufacturing end up in either landfill or incinerated without energy recovery by 2020. In 2015, ...

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    How CSR Programs Benefit Employers
    August 1, 2016, No comments

    A company with a strong corporate social responsibility has more engaged employees. Almost 60 percent of employees who are proud of their company’s CSR program are engaged at their jobs, [...]

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    How a Startup Puts Value on Water
    June 15, 2015, No comments

    California is in the fourth year of the worst drought in the state’s recorded history. A good part of the state is in “exceptional drought,” the worst category. Water conservation [...]