Support the Girls of Mumbai Slums
November 23, 2011, No comments

“There is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls” – former UN Secretary General Kofi A. Annan. The lack of basic literacy and numeracy competencies is a […]


Are Greenfield Projects Too Risky?

November 10, 2011, No comments

Women from various developing countries often share a similar dilemma when it comes to microfinance accessibility. People living in remote areas are o ...

Eugenie Prouvost,

Zaza’s Third World – An Unforgettable Meal Deal

October 26, 2011, No comments

“We have to go back soon! Please! The smell, gasses and smoke will be too damaging to your health”, stressed the lady accompanying me. But ...


Charitable Instead Of Charity

October 11, 2011, No comments

Our view is that a charitable action leading to empowerment and self-reliance rather than the kind of charity that leaves you dependent and reliant, i ...

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    Why Should We Care About Microfinance?
    September 14, 2011, No comments

    Microfinance’s reputation has suffered a great deal from the stories of greed and poorly regulated operations in Andhra Pradesh. However, the concept and theory behind microfinance have noble roots; empowering [...]

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    Microfinance: Halfway into 2011
    July 20, 2011, No comments

    2011 has certainly been an active year within the microfinance industry, and not necessarily for the right reasons. It brings to mind endless revelations and discussions within the media on [...]