July 29, 2015, No comments

Seven days, seven marathons. The Run Across Congo has created huge awareness for gender equality in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Women runners from around the U.S. gathered together […]


Which Type of Sustainability Superhero Are You?

July 13, 2015, No comments

It is not often I think Hollywood does much right. But in terms of making money, they know exactly how to capture the 30-something audience with remak ...


Getting Dressed in the Dark: The True Cost of Fashion

June 26, 2015, No comments

Ten years ago, I had a breakdown in a dressing room at the mall. I needed to buy my first suit for a new job with a leading anti-slavery organization. ...


Building Community in South Florida with Mangoes

June 16, 2015, No comments

In light of recent police shootings, the exposure of racial tension in many cities in the United States, and the discrimination many religious groups ...

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    Welcome B The Change Media
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    Meet Zachary. He’s smiliing proud in this photo because, on this day, a little over a year ago, Zachary paid his rent for the first time in 20 years. He [...]