April 11, 2017, No comments

Living on South Beach is exactly what you imagine: a never-ending vacation. And oh yeah, you probably make money somehow, some way, but career is secondary to your outdoor lifestyle. […]


Nourishing for the Love of Humanity: Karen Bevels Catering

March 27, 2017, 1 Comment

The Silicon Valley: we know it for its genius, its startup tech community, its progressive culture and its insane cost-of-living. All true. I also kno ...


The Systems Entrepreneur: Conquering Mount Everest, Together

February 27, 2017, No comments

The social entrepreneur: that’s the title in the triple bottom line business world that we use to refer to an innovator with an environmental or soc ...


India’s First B Corp Uses Tech to Connect Farmers and Supply Chains

October 24, 2016, No comments

In the same way that the San Francisco Bay area will be read about in North American history books—or history apps, rather—Bangalore is creating h ...