April 7, 2015, No comments

It’s not always easy to figure out what consumers want. Case in point: the same markets that recently pushed Harry Potter-branded chocolate to go fair trade also pressured natural and […]


Singlecue Breaks New Barriers in Gesture Recognition Software

March 26, 2015, No comments

Gesture recognition technology has been fascinating researchers for years. The concept that we could one day control the TV, sound system and utilitie ...


New Solar Deal, Like Everything Else in Texas, Is Big

March 20, 2015, No comments

To say that we’ve seen a broad range of responses from public utilities to the “onslaught” of rooftop solar would be an understatement. On the o ...


Leading by Example: The U.S. National Action Plan for Responsible Business Conduct

March 19, 2015, No comments

As the U.S. Government begins drafting a landmark National Action Plan on business and human rights, it is facilitating a series of consultations acro ...

  • unhappy
    The Top Drivers of Employee Unhappiness
    March 6, 2015, No comments

    Disengagement, feeling undervalued, turnover—these are just a few pitfalls of having unhappy employees. But are certain environments destined to breed unhappy employees? And is there anything managers can do to [...]

  • Canada_pipeline
    Does Canada Equate Environmentalists With Terrorists?
    February 19, 2015, No comments

    A newly proposed Canadian terrorism bill is raising some eyebrows among environmental groups. A document entitled “Critical Infrastructure Intelligence Assessment,” that was obtained by Greenpeace, classifies anyone concerned about clim ...