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party-based solution. Party litter can be the best kind of litter: You wake up in the morning, and the remnants from last night’s soiree, head-banger, or holiday open house – […]


Senda Soccer Balls Create The Perfect Combination Of Fun And Fair Trade

November 21, 2012, No comments

We found Senda Athletics last summer when we featured Santiago Halty’s    That’s why Senda partners with nonprofits like ball ...


DIY 2013 Calendar Showcases Sustainable Production

November 16, 2012, No comments

Designer Heather Lins described the naming of her calendar kit as her “aha! moment.” We felt similarly when we stumbled across her work th ...


Have Your Sustainable Life and Eat It, Too: London Design Duo Makes Waves

November 6, 2012, No comments

hot pot bbq and the “We strongly believe that if an item functions well, then people will enjoy using it and keep it around,” wrote Martin ...

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    OAK Lifestyle Literally Designs Backpacks for Kindness
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    This week, Purchasing the OAK backpacks donates backpacks and school supplies to children through  Lindsey and Brent also spoke specifically to why OAK’s mission to support education and kindness really mean something [...]