January 26, 2015, No comments

The Oculus Rift is the first truly immersive virtual reality headset. It gives people a very real life experience: the British Army’s latest recruitment drive is using it to drop potential soldiers into […]


Is Nature The Largest “Company” On Earth?

January 22, 2015, No comments

Can we put a price on nature? If so, how? Over the past few years, diehard conservationists and bottom-line businesses believe you can do just that. T ...


The World of Robots:The 2015 FedEx Innovation Challenge and the CES

January 15, 2015, No comments

This year at the start-up Branto, which has a crowdfunding campaign underway for a robotic sphere priced at $399. It lacks a screen of its own, yet of ...


Americans Believe Environmental Issues Pose Greater Threat Than Terrorism Or Global Epidemics

January 7, 2015, No comments

As we make our New Year resolutions, 60 percent of Americans say they will make ‘green’ ones to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle for 201 ...

  • 800px-Rainforest_canopy
    Are The Forests Still Breathing?
    January 6, 2015, No comments

    Each year, as a species, humans dump about 8.8 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere, 6.5 billion tons from fossil fuels and 1.5 billion from deforestation. But less than half that [...]

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    China’s Water Cellars for Mothers
    January 5, 2015, No comments

    While China is a dynamic industrial engine and an emerging leader in the world economy, there are areas of western China that suffer some of the worst water shortages in the country [...]