December 5, 2016, No comments

The world has come to know Pakistan as a country riddled for decades by war and violent conflict, with an economy in collapse. Nestled here is the Swat Valley region, once […]


Diversity Awards Recognize Women in Tech

November 18, 2016, No comments

“Women in the technology industry face many unique challenges that are often beyond their control,” says Dennis Kennedy, founder and chairman of t ...


Future Generations Prepare for Work with DP World Education Program

November 17, 2016, No comments

In our fast-paced, technology-driven and globalised world, consumers expect just about anything from anywhere delivered promptly to their door. Intern ...


MIT Competition Finalist Provides a Solution for India’s Farmers

November 8, 2016, No comments

Earlier this year, the Indian government approved a $1.3bn insurance scheme for its farmers, protecting them against crop failures as a way to help pu ...

  • rulesj
    The Rules of Kindness Project
    October 25, 2016, No comments

    Teaching children to have compassion, to care and be able to pay it forward in kindness, is just as important as teaching them mathematics and English, as these life skills [...]