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A commitment to corporate responsibility involves achieving the financial goals of the business through continuous stakeholder engagement, good corporate governance, and a focus on social and environmental values. The well-being […]


Boosting America’s Economy with More Diversity and Tech Skills for Girls

August 30, 2017, No comments

America’s Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that there will be 4.4 million jobs that will need computer science and information technology skill ...


Fair Trade Pioneer Launches New Certification Program

August 28, 2017, No comments

Green & Black’s, the brand which pioneered organic Fairtrade chocolate, is now launching its first UK product without the familiar Fairtrade ...


Charlottesville Highlights Issues about Diversity and Leadership: A Business Guru Speaks Up

August 23, 2017, No comments

Merck’s CEO Kenneth Frazier, the only African-American business leader in the group of CEOs who were serving on a presidential advisory council, was ...

    Generation ‘Artificial Intelligence’
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    The future is ever changing. The next generation, born in 2010 and through 2025, known as Generation Alpha, will be the most tech-infused demographic. But what do their Millennial parents actually think about [...]

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    Mobile Technology That Improves Lives
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    The mobile technology industry is dynamic, where the mobile phone has gone from being a status symbol to being technology that enables almost every interaction in our daily lives and, [...]