August 16, 2017, No comments

The future is ever changing. The next generation, born in 2010 and through 2025, known as Generation Alpha, will be the most tech-infused demographic. But what do their Millennial parents actually think about […]


Watch on Instagram: Healthcare film “Heroines of Health”

August 14, 2017, No comments

GE Healthcare has just released a documentary called, ‘Heroines of Health,’ by Emmy-award winning filmmaker Lisa Russell. Terri Bresenham, GE Heal ...


Inventshift Showcases Social Enterprises for Global Good

August 9, 2017, No comments

Social enterprises are a new way of doing business, where, by selling goods and services in the open market, the social enterprises reinvest the mone ...


India Looks for More Female Diversity in Business Leadership

August 2, 2017, No comments

It perhaps comes as no surprise that India continues to rank third lowest in the proportion of business leadership roles held by women for the third c ...

  • techJJ
    Mobile Technology That Improves Lives
    June 27, 2017, No comments

    The mobile technology industry is dynamic, where the mobile phone has gone from being a status symbol to being technology that enables almost every interaction in our daily lives and, [...]

  • watchJJ
    The Watch Brand with Heart
    June 14, 2017, No comments

    Will Adoasi, the entrepreneur behind the philanthropic watch brand Vitae London, is set to launch his Season IV, a unisex range of watches that is backed by Sir Richard Branson. [...]