January 21, 2015, No comments

Nearly 98 percent of the water on earth is saline, and about two-thirds of the remaining fresh water is frozen in ice caps and glaciers. That leaves less than one […]


World Bank Uses Innovative Solution to Highlight Sustainability Indicators

January 15, 2015, No comments

The World Bank Group is currently driven by the twin goals of ending extreme poverty within a generation and boosting shared prosperity. It is promoti ...


PepsiCo Promotes Women Empowerment with an All-Women Production Line

December 24, 2014, No comments

Gender discrimination continues to impact women in a variety of ways. Particularly in the developing economies, women pay higher costs than men in ter ...


Eco-innovation Helps Businesses Gain Competitive Edge

December 17, 2014, No comments

An eco-innovation business model is enabling companies to push their boundaries by modifying products, processes and organizational structures that im ...