April 16, 2015, No comments

While globally toy sales are on the rise due to burgeoning demand from middle class consumers in China, India and other economies, American sales are expected to grow only marginally […]


Microsoft Joins Project to Promote Refurbished Computers

April 12, 2015, No comments

From an environmental perspective, it is far more beneficial to extend the life of an old computer rather than recycle it. Re-use on a wide scale can ...


Tech Brands Seek a Pro-Environmental Image: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Yelp, SAP, AOL, eBay

April 8, 2015, No comments

Global companies are increasingly concerned about maintaining a brand image that positions them strongly as an environmentally responsible business. M ...


Greenpeace Highlights ‘Detox’ Fashion Leaders: Levi’s, Limited Brands, Adidas, Benetton, Esprit, H&M, M&S, Inditex

March 27, 2015, No comments

The fashion industry worldwide is going through a big shift to support sustainability. Many of the leading apparel brands have woken up to the environ ...