August 15, 2017, No comments

Entrepreneurship in Africa has emerged as one of the most sustainable tools to generate jobs. A 2015 study by Approved Index, a UK based group, ranked Africa near the top […]


New Website Links Small Businesses with Expert Advice

August 8, 2017, No comments

Small businesses and young entrepreneurs can benefit the most from a wealth of innovative and cutting edge business advice, support and mentoring from ...

Asian Businesswoman Leading Meeting At Boardroom Table

Business Leaders Join to Foster Workplace Diversity

July 24, 2017, No comments

Many companies are making a conscious effort to increase their numbers of female and minority employees in order to improve workplace diversity. Howev ...


Recycling and Carbon Prevention Accelerated by Circular Economy

June 20, 2017, No comments

The primitive humans simply buried their waste and refuse in the ground. This was an effective technique because their population was small and they p ...

  • e3J
    Employee Engagement is Key to Increasing Impact
    June 7, 2017, No comments

    Employees are the most valuable resource of a company. Companies that focus on improving employee engagement typically enjoy lower staff turnover, better productivity, higher customer retention and increased profitability. Most [...]

  • financeJJ
    Improving Financial Literacy: Practical Tips
    May 17, 2017, No comments

    Financial literacy aims to boost an average citizen’s ability to manage personal finances more efficiently. It includes the knowledge to make the best possible decisions related to budgeting, investing, tax [...]

  • entryJJ
    Entry-Level Talent is Vital to Business Success
    April 23, 2017, No comments

    From restaurants to retailers and from manufacturers to hospitals, Americans working in entry-level positions contribute to economic growth for companies and society. However, most companies focus all their energies on [...]