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The term “ethical lawyer” is sometimes thought of as an oxymoron. An oxymoron it may be only until you’ve met Ellis Carter, the principal of The Carter Law Group.

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Carter Law Group P.C. | Phoenix | Buying America Back 

The Carter Law Group was the very first company in Arizona to become a “B Corporation” a fact that Ellis
shares with justifiable pride.

We heard from Ellis something that we’ve heard from many proprietors of B Corporations, that the B
Corporation pledge aligned with practices that were already incorporated into the business and that the
B Corporation standards gives The Carter Law Group benchmarks that help them to better judge their
environmental and societal performance.

During our interview with Ellis at her office in Phoenix last month we learned that she decided
that the Carter Law Group should become a B Corporation because the principles embodied in the B
Corporation “Declaration of Interdependence” aligned with principles that she already incorporated
into her law practice and her life. She told us that she was looking for a way to show her clients that The
Carter Law Group’s guiding principles aligned with the values of their organizations (many non-profits
and social welfare organizations) and that her B Corporation status would demonstrate just that.

Carter Law Group is a small law firm that represents tax-exempt, nonprofit, and socially responsible
companies. Two years ago the Group was chosen by U.S. News – Best Lawyers as one of only two law firms in Phoenix, Arizona that achieved the highest ranking and distinguished title of “best law firms – first tier firm ranking” in the category of nonprofit/charity law. After hearing Ellis it is no wonder.

We hope you enjoy our interview with Ellis. We’re sure that you’ll agree with us that The Carter Law Group is worthy of our support and esteem.

About Carter Law Group:

Carter Law Group represents tax-exempt and nonprofit organizations in the areas of general business and tax advice as well as advice related to formation, mergers and restructuring, joint ventures and entrepreneurial activities, nonprofit governance, compensation matters, and complex gifts and grants. For more information about The Carter Law Group, contact Ellis Carter at ellis@carternonprofitlaw.com or call (602) 456-0071.

About Buying America Back:

Buying America Back is a film project that brings the story of the good work of B Corporations and other socially conscious companies and people to your attention. You can see the Web series at www.belongto.it


belongto.it “gamifies” sustainability. Companies that have taken it upon themselves to incorporate socially responsible practices and policies will be empowered to inform their local community. When company- and location- specific data on social impact becomes publicly available consumers will be sufficiently informed and radically empowered. The bottom line of socially responsible companies will grow while destructive companies will be strongly pressured to improve.

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