Benefits of Volunteering Under a Medical Program Abroad

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optometrist-91750_640“Health is the greatest Wealth”, it is said. Every life on this earth is equally important and must be provided with all the support to make it sustain a healthy living. Whilst, providing medical assistance and support is highly beneficial to the patients, volunteering under a medical project goes a notch above and benefits not just the patients but the volunteers as well. How is that, you ask? Below is a list of few of the many benefits that are attached with a medical volunteering work; 

Platform to share medical knowledge
Volunteering under a medical program is one of the most unique ways where you have the opportunity to share your knowledge in the field of medicine with those from different parts of the world. Whilst, majority of it remains similar globally, you are sure to learn something new from the fellow medical volunteer mate from a different soil. Plus, of course, what you learn while working under the guidance of the local doctors and other staff members.

Opportunity to use your skills to make several lives healthy
During your volunteer work under the medical program, you may have to visit local villages and remote areas to conduct healthcare camps with the team of local medical staff. This is your opportunity to use all the knowledge and experience you have to create awareness and pass on the message of healthy living. People living in such areas aren’t updated with the concept of hygiene, and that is exactly what you will be doing; in order to seed a healthy lifestyle. 

You get to understand the medical situation of a third world country
Most of the medical programs are offered in developing or underdeveloped nations. The resources available at most of these locations are limited. However, the medical staff that functions at local hospitals in these regions have paved their way to make the best of whatever resource they have in hand. This will be a great learning for you to groom yourself to work even in the toughest of the conditions.

The experience gained is unparalleled
No second thoughts on it, is there!? Working in crunch situations, with limited resources, learning the tips and tricks from the local professionals, jolting your brain to strategize campaigns, communicating with the natives to spark awareness in them, working with a team of medical volunteers from different countries. All this is a brilliant learning, which you may otherwise won’t get to experience.

Get to expand your network of medical professionals worldwide
Normally, a volunteer working for the medical projects abroad spends a duration of 2 weeks (or more) at the program location. During the sojourn, the entire team of medical volunteers live together under one roof, eat together, travel together, and of course, work together. It is like volunteering abroad with family. You make connections with medical representatives from different parts of the world, which can be of great use for future endeavors.

An opportunity to travel unexplored places
Lastly, but certainly not the least, like any other volunteer project, even the medical volunteering program has the element of traveling attached to it. After all, it is a foreign soil you are working at which has a lot of new experiences to provide. During the off working days (weekends), volunteers have the opportunity to explore the local market places, heritage sites, monuments, and near by tourist hot spots. But, what is more interesting is the visits to remote areas and villages which are not the typical touristy destinations, but have a distinct beauty of their own to explore. A regular tourist may not get this leisure.

Still looking for reasons? Make the best of your medical skills when you have the perfect platform to do so. Don’t just travel, when you can volunteer travel. If you have any questions, you can reach me via email. Let’s make a healthy world together!

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Dronacharya holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and has industry experience of more close to fours years. Started with IT firm, he is now an ardent traveler and volunteer, and likes to share his travel experiences with the world. He has been writing for Volunteering Solutions, a leading volunteer placement organization based in India, ever since he volunteered with the them the first time. You can find the latest updates, facts, and everything related to volunteering abroad in his articles.

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