Bibz: An International Videogame by Youth

Posted by on January 2, 2013 in Entrepreneurship

Bibz is an international videogame initiative by-youth for-youth; it blends art, education, and play to educate players about millennium development goals, the importance of education, gender equality and more. Kids in Ethiopia, Australia, and Canada contributed to the game’s artwork, making everything from level designs to character animations. The profits from the game support an organization that works with orphans in Ethiopia: Beyond The Orphanage ( ).


Getting Kids Involved

Bibz incorporates artwork from youth in Ethiopia in BTO’s program, as well as students of the same age in Canada and Australia. We believe that by having youth get involved with this project we can help our future generation have a compassionate understanding of the importance of education, social support and welfare programs, and specifically the life of orphans in Ethiopia, and hopefully this compassion will trickle up through parents and relatives.

All game development work has been volunteered, and 100% of the profit goes to BTO.


Game Details

Bibz is a fun, all ages, multiplayer game for the Web and Xbox360.

Bibz has a very simple premise: jump on other players without being jumped on. It is easy to learn and fun to play! The multiplayer aspect gives the game incredible replay value, and always keeps it challenging.

The game also features mini quiz questions prior to each round. The questions are about the importance of education, gender equality, and giving orphans a stable home environment. Players are given in-game rewards for correct answers, this encourages players to take an interest in learning the information. The party style multiplayer play also promotes discussion of the topics

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