California Art Movement Uses Recycled Materials & Supports Women and Children

Posted by on September 27, 2012 in charity, Green

Fresh Words Market represents a brighter take on the world – where modern art and simple phrases can make your room a little sunnier while also supporting initiatives that help people around the globe. This week, Designed Good is featuring six different prints, all on recycled materials using eco-friendly soy ink, that capture what Fresh Words Market is all about: a movement for good.

For each print sold, Fresh Words Market donates 10% of the proceeds to an organization that supports women and children. I also love that the prints themselves say something about the connection between adults and kids – that there doesn’t have to be a huge gap between the kind of modern print you’d want for your loft and the fun-loving graphic you’d want next to your kid’s coloring desk.

As movements go, Fresh Words Market is an entirely forward-thinking one: They move upwards and onwards by finding awesome organizations that are making a difference by providing nutrition, education, healthcare, economic development, and other basic needs to communities.

All of the prints are a fresh combination of art, graphic design, and words. Rebecca Peragine, the artist and creator behind Fresh Words Market, describes the collection as a movement: “I want people to feel the mission behind the artwork as they see it, and I also want it to inspire them to be the good when they see it.”

With each of the organizations that Fresh Words Market partners with, they first ask how they help women and children – and then they just have a conversation about their goals. Fresh Words Market isn’t just sending proceeds out into the world – they’re connecting with other people who want to make changes for good.

Check out the rest of the prints!

Katy Gathright

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