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It all started with a scribbled note on the steps of Angkor Wat in 2007. It was onthisnote that friends Robbie Reese and Garrett Gravesen, graduates of the University of […]


What Amazon’s Work Culture Tells Us About Employee Disengagement

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The New York Times’ recent expose of working conditions inside Amazon has set off a tsunami of discussion about how far Corporate America is willing ...

Cisco Foundation support helps Parikrma Humanity Foundation provide a high-quality education to children from the Bangalore slums.

An Enduring Commitment to Strengthening Cisco’s Communities

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By Ricardo Benavidez It started one day with a quiet knock on a classroom door where I was volunteering. A student at Joseph George middle-school in E ...


Global Change Award to Give €1 Million to Pioneering Ideas Closing the Loop for Fashion

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On August 25, the H&M Conscious Foundation launches the first ever Global Change Award  − one of the world’s biggest challenges for early sta ...

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    The Best Volunteer Programs Do This
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    Pop quiz: which one of the following grabs your attention more? A company-wide email announcing a volunteering opportunity for a charity championed by the CEO. A Facebook post from your [...]

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    Managing the Restless Millennial Employee
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    “Should I stay or, should I go now?” This is a question millennial employees ask themselves far more regularly than workers of other generations. According to the Bureau of Labor [...]