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September 8, 2017, No comments

Providing underserved people with access to learning that boosts economic opportunity and employability requires technology combined with innovative thinking. The HP World on Wheels program is supporting digital literacy, providing […]


Boosting America’s Economy with More Diversity and Tech Skills for Girls

August 30, 2017, No comments

America’s Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that there will be 4.4 million jobs that will need computer science and information technology skill ...


Small Businesses Get Boost from Bank/NGO Partnership and $24M Grant

August 21, 2017, No comments

Recent research from the International Trade Center, the joint agency of the UN and the WTO, reveals that small businesses are the missing link to inc ...


Academy Instructors Raise Expectations for Youth in Brazil

August 16, 2017, No comments

Bringing IT Skills to Children at Risk Sérgio Bruno was one of the first instructors recruited and trained when SOS Children’s Villages in São ...

  • mayJJ_0
    Hands-On Science Ignites Passion in Young Minds
    July 13, 2017, No comments

    Victoria L. May, Washington University There is a growing need for interdisciplinary approaches to address many of the modern challenges to advancing research, innovation and technological development. This creates a [...]

  • financeJJ
    Improving Financial Literacy: Practical Tips
    May 17, 2017, No comments

    Financial literacy aims to boost an average citizen’s ability to manage personal finances more efficiently. It includes the knowledge to make the best possible decisions related to budgeting, investing, tax [...]

  • kelloggJ
    Inspiring the Next Generation of Investment Models
    May 12, 2017, No comments

    The Kellogg-Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge is a competition encouraging teams of MBA students to create institutional financial products that tackle social and environmental problems. Nearly 200 students from 37 [...]