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Bringing IT Skills to Children at Risk Sérgio Bruno was one of the first instructors recruited and trained when SOS Children’s Villages in São Paulo joined the Cisco Networking Academy […]

Yingzhe Duan, a student at Texas A&M’s College of Architecture, earned first place for her design of the imaginary Houston Museum of Waste. Students were challenged to use offal – a galvanized piece of thin sheet metal left over when stamping out car parts – in their designs.

Texas A&M Students Create Building Envelope Designs from Automotive Manufacturing Scrap

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Texas A&M Students Create Building Envelope Designs from GM Manufacturing Scrap General Motors thinks of waste as a resource out of place. To help ...


Mobile Science Lab Serves Indiana Communities

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Tornado in a box, solar energy and the power of the wind are just a few of the science demonstrations making their way around Indiana in the new mobil ...


Innovative Learning Program Addresses Lack of Women in STEM Careers

July 20, 2017, No comments

Women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math careers (STEM) careers. The percentage of women in STEM careers has stagnated ...

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    Hands-On Science Ignites Passion in Young Minds
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    Victoria L. May, Washington University There is a growing need for interdisciplinary approaches to address many of the modern challenges to advancing research, innovation and technological development. This creates a [...]

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    Improving Financial Literacy: Practical Tips
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    Financial literacy aims to boost an average citizen’s ability to manage personal finances more efficiently. It includes the knowledge to make the best possible decisions related to budgeting, investing, tax [...]

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    Inspiring the Next Generation of Investment Models
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    The Kellogg-Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge is a competition encouraging teams of MBA students to create institutional financial products that tackle social and environmental problems. Nearly 200 students from 37 [...]