September 1, 2015, No comments

I hate the term “female entrepreneurship.” We don’t call entrepreneurial endeavors led by men, “male entrepreneurship.” We just call it entrepreneurship. Unintentionally or not, “female entrepreneurship” implies a rare, or “wow, […]


Brewer Invests in Start-Ups to Fight Drought

August 31, 2015, No comments

As the California drought moves well into its fourth year, individuals, municipalities and companies alike are seeking innovative solutions to water p ...

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Guayaki’s Sustainable Mission to Save the Rainforest Gets a Boost

August 21, 2015, No comments

Take five college friends, a strong appreciation of yerba mate, a naturally caffeinated South American beverage, and a desire to make a difference in ...


Rural Visionaries to be Honored During Farm Credit Centennial

August 11, 2015, No comments

Rural America is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a changing global agriculture economy, and a new effort is underway to champion the women, m ...