May 24, 2016, No comments

A new study by the London School of Economics (LSE), published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Climate Change, says climate change could cut the value of the world’s financial assets by $2.5tn […]


We are Already Facing Consequences of Rapid Climate Change

May 19, 2016, No comments

An unfortunate and dangerous commonality persists among conversations concerning human-driven climate change. Often, the consequences of climate chang ...


Desert Project Aims to Make Aviation More Sustainable

May 18, 2016, No comments

The idea of growing your own fuel is taking off in Masdar City​, in the United Arab Emirates​, where a new research facility​ dedicated to devel ...


Corporate Ethics Influence Consumer Preferences

May 10, 2016, No comments

Consumer purchase decisions are increasingly influenced by a brand’s social purpose. Companies that are willing to recognize this fundamental shift ...

  • WWF
    WWF: Natural World Heritage Sites are Under Threat
    May 9, 2016, No comments

    Alarmingly, our planet’s resources are becoming ever scarcer. Key places that should be protected are coming under threat from harmful industrial activities. Protecting People through Nature: NaturalWorld Heritage Sites as [...]

  • vegan-shoe-400x267
    Shoes from Pineapple Waste
    April 17, 2016, No comments

    With support from the creative labs of the InnovationRCA Business Incubator Programme of the Royal College of Art in London, Ananas Anam is creating new alternative materials to textiles and [...]

  • abigpwcJ
    Millennials Face 18th-Month Job Switch Itch
    April 11, 2016, No comments

    Guest blog by Dave Armon Despite warnings that millennials are only interested in saving the world, recent college graduates are actually focused almost exclusively on getting their first job, says [...]