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Green & Black’s, the brand which pioneered organic Fairtrade chocolate, is now launching its first UK product without the familiar Fairtrade label. Instead, the new Velvet Edition dark chocolate bars […]


Charlottesville Highlights Issues about Diversity and Leadership: A Business Guru Speaks Up

August 23, 2017, No comments

Merck’s CEO Kenneth Frazier, the only African-American business leader in the group of CEOs who were serving on a presidential advisory council, was ...


Ramblers Way is Sustainable Clothing Made in the USA

August 22, 2017, No comments

My father’s mother, Grandma Hazel, was a modest, practical woman. Truth be told, as an adolescent I found her to be obnoxious, opinionated and stuck ...


Watch on Instagram: Healthcare film “Heroines of Health”

August 14, 2017, No comments

GE Healthcare has just released a documentary called, ‘Heroines of Health,’ by Emmy-award winning filmmaker Lisa Russell. Terri Bresenham, GE Heal ...

  • spoonsJJ
    Bakey’s Creates Spoons You Can Eat
    August 3, 2017, No comments

    Disposable cutlery is convenient. Instead of having to wash spoons and forks, it is sometimes easier to use single-use ones that can be thrown into the trash. However, that only [...]