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Are they real or fake? Most of us who celebrate the holidays with a Christmas tree have an opinion about which type of tree is better, so we decided to take […]


Eco-innovation Helps Businesses Gain Competitive Edge

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An eco-innovation business model is enabling companies to push their boundaries by modifying products, processes and organizational structures that im ...


Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter, eBay, LinkedIn Co-founders Invest $25M in

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The petitions website,, empowers people globally by allowing them to create online petitions to press upon businesses and governments to ac ...


Boeing 787 ecoDemonstrator Flight Promises More Sustainable Aviation

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Air transport contributes 12 percent of all transport sources to human-induced carbon emissions. Flights produce 628 million tons of carbon dioxide ev ...

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    The Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide
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    A great gift is fun yet mindful. A gift that tells a story. A gift that truly gives back. This year think outside the (100% post-consumer recycled) box and give [...]

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    Solar Power’s Great Eco Challenge
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    Solar power is the cleanest form of generation as far as the source of power is concerned. But as things stand now there’s one catch: we still rely on toxic [...]

  • Denmark_wind
    Denmark Announces100% Renewable Goal
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    Denmark has just one-upped its status as the most cutting edge sustainable country in the world. They have committed to a goal of Kurt Kornbluth, director of the Program for [...]

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    Can Big Data Feed Us All?
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    We’ve heard a lot about how the ubiquitous and free flow of information is going to improve our quality of life, through smart phones, smart grids, smart cities and smart [...]