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Pittsburgh-area entrepreneurs have until April 15 to compete for up to $1 million in cash and technical assistance through UpPrize, a social innovation challenge sponsored by BNY Mellon, BNY Mellon Foundation […]


An Interactive Map of Every Social Enterprise Business Model

November 12, 2014, 1 Comment

How can products and services contribute to the development of sustainable impact in our communities? What models exist that can drive impact and soci ...


First Global Slavery Index Counts World’s Population Living In Modern Slavery

January 14, 2014, 1 Comment

The world’s first ‘Global Slavery Index’ provides a shocking insight into the estimated numbers of people living in modern slavery ...

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Why aren’t business books created with Human Centered Design principles?

December 10, 2013, No comments

There are so many business books on the market. We see titles upon titles asking us to pivot, disrupt, and innovate all over amazon.com. These are gre ...

  • Letter to a social entrepreneur
    A Letter to a Social entrepreneur.
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    Dear Social Entrepreneur So you want to start a business that really changes the world, welcome to the club. Many of us want to leave a mark on the universe, [...]

  • “EU can learn from the US on renewables policy”, says Richard Cowart
    Renewables Policy: “EU can learn from the US”
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    Leading environment journalist, Sonja van Renssen, is joined by Richard Cowart, Director of the European programmes at the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), to discuss renewables policy. Since the economic crisis began the cl ...

  • CoopeTal Oil Cup Shot - thumbnail
    CoopeTal – Fueling Talamanca
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    The possibility of oil exploitation has threatened the greater community of Talamanca, Costa Rica, for many years. As one of the most biodiverse areas on this planet, its fertile land [...]