April 29, 2009, 1 Comment

To promote healthy and organic eating, how about planting one of your favorite vegetables? If you’ve never tried it, you’ll learn something new, get some light exercise, save money and […]

{30 days} Tip #8: Replace a standard incandescent lightbulb with a LED bulb

April 27, 2009, No comments

Perhaps you’ve never thought of replacing your incandescent lightbulbs, perhaps you have. In any event, you might want to consider led light bu ...

{30 days} Tip # 7: Support your neighborhood Whole Foods Market

April 26, 2009, No comments

If you’re seeking a convenient and practical means of living healthier, consider doing so through supporting a food company which abides by gre ...

{30 days} Tip #6: Turn off the Television this evening

April 22, 2009, 2 Comments

To help celebrate Earth Day, we’ve decided to combine our socially conscious tip of the day in conjunction with the mission of Earth Day. There ...