February 19, 2014, No comments

SolarCoin, based on Bitcoin technology, promises to be the new “cryptocurrency” that might encourage more people to switchover to renewable energy. SolarCoins can be earned as a reward for generating [...]


Environment can Play a Greater Role in Sustainable World Peace: UN Report

December 18, 2013, No comments

A new joint report released by the UN Development Program (UNDP) and the UN Environment Program (UNEP) says that the environment and natural resources ...


The B Corp Revolution: Investing from the Heart

December 16, 2013, No comments

A ‘B Revolution’ has begun: investors like B Revolution Capital are drooling over B Corps, a certification for companies that want to bene ...


Blood & Gold: The High Price of Mining

December 11, 2013, No comments

Exploitation and the trading of conflict minerals originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is helping to finance conflict characteris ...