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Air transport contributes 12 percent of all transport sources to human-induced carbon emissions. Flights produce 628 million tons of carbon dioxide every year. The aviation industry needs to find solutions […]


Circular Economy can add $1 Trillion a Year and 100,000 Jobs: Report

December 8, 2014, 1 Comment

At a time when human beings have far exceeded the Earth’s capacity to sustain the current consumption levels for long, a new paradigm called the Cir ...


SodaStream Adds Sustainability Fizz To Its Image

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I remember that on my first visit to Switzerland back in the 1990s, I was surprised when my host asked me whether I wanted fizzy or still water from w ...


Cameras to Train Rural Indian Women in Innovative Farming

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Women in India are the major food producers, with about 78 percent of all economically active women engaged in agricultural activities. Nearly 70 perc ...

  • Denmark_wind
    Denmark Announces100% Renewable Goal
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    Denmark has just one-upped its status as the most cutting edge sustainable country in the world. They have committed to a goal of Kurt Kornbluth, director of the Program for [...]