• theglobal-lovecampaign-25
    The #Globallove Campaign #SocEnt
    February 3, 2012, No comments

    Retail shelves are already lined with a sea of red and pink, hearts and chocolates, stuffed teddy bears and any other consumer product that will make some lucky person`s heart [...]

  • tahrir1
    Sparking Social Innovation in Egypt: An Intro
    July 18, 2011, 3 Comments

    I’m super excited to have just joined SocialEarth‘s blogging team! I’ll be writing about Egypt, Social Change, Post-Revolution, Social Enterprise in Egypt, the various grassroots efforts I come across & what [...]

  • Your Junk is My Internet
    March 8, 2010, 1 Comment

    As a follow-up to my last post (an ode to self-reliance), I want to give mad props to Afghan locals and the MIT Bits and Atoms lab crew. It took [...]

  • Best DAM Thing Out of Palestine
    November 9, 2009, 7 Comments

    – It cost me a lot to make it to Durango. By 5pm, most of my friends had bailed on the idea. Some were still hungover, some too lazy to [...]