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Renewable energy industry around the world has been witnessing a boom, but new green energy startups continue to face high hurdles in raising investment. However, an emerging method of raising […]

treet vendor selling Ape' Cakes in Jakarta, Indonesia

Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen: the Health Impact of SE Asia’s Shift Toward Processed Food

June 7, 2013, No comments

Home cooking was the norm for most urban Indonesian households during the 1990s: eating out was considered a luxury. Choices of processed and frozen f ...


What will move the work of social entrepreneurs to the next level of impact?

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In recent years, it has become apparent that the rate of change is at an all-time high as change begets change in a world that is interconnected like ...


Pacific Island of Tongatapu Turns to Sustainable Energy

July 31, 2012, No comments

Small island nations living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean often rely on diesel generators for power. Besides the environmental problems associate ...

  • theglobal-lovecampaign-25
    The #Globallove Campaign #SocEnt
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    Retail shelves are already lined with a sea of red and pink, hearts and chocolates, stuffed teddy bears and any other consumer product that will make some lucky person`s heart [...]

  • Ending-Global-Poverty-Through-Enterprise-Based-Solutions-SEVEN-Fund.org_1285180291780
    SEVEN-Sponsored Competitions and Projects
    September 22, 2010, 1 Comment

    SEVEN is a leader in the field of Enterprise Solutions to Poverty. We ask the question, “How do we support those who are self-determined, action-oriented, and effective?” We find and [...]

  • Maldives Goes Deep for 350
    October 21, 2009, 9 Comments

    — I’m going to try to write this post in 350 words exactly as my own contribution to the International Day of Climate Action, approaching on October 24th. I’m giving [...]