Christmas trees are for life… not just Christmas!

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Spare a thought when choosing your Christmas tree this year because for some it means life or death.

Fair trade gift retailer Fairwind is highlighting the plight of men, women and children in Ambrolauri, a mountainous region of Georgia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, who risk their lives to harvest pine cones wanted by the multi-billion pound Christmas tree industries for their precious seeds.

Six men have suffered fatal accidents in the last five years; the latest being that of 54 year old Ivane Kaerbashvilli who fell to his death after climbing a 30 metre high fir tree to collect pine cones. Many more accidents are unaccounted for and far too many cone pickers endure broken limbs and other severe injuries.

More than 80% of Nordmann Fir Christmas trees sold in Europe are grown from seeds from Georgia’s Ambrolauri province. The country, sandwiched between Turkey and Russia, is one of the most impoverished countries in the region.

But thousands of miles away from such perilous back-breaking work, in her office on Fairwind’s owner Teresa Owen says:

“We are not just encouraging ethical shopping, we are raising awareness of the risks imposed by a luxury item. Everyone takes their Christmas tree for granted, year in, year out. Some people will not even know where it has come from let alone the fact that people are being killed to farm it.

Hearing about men climbing something as tall as a three storey block of flats without protection, in order to feed their families, made us want to do something to help.”

Fairwind, with help from property insurance claim specialists MA Assist, raised funds to renovate a school near Tlugi at the heart of the cone picking region. Fairwind has been working with Fair Trees® to raise awareness in the UK of the ethical issues surrounding Nordmann fir trees and to persuade growers to convert their Nordmann Fir trees to Fair Trade trees, or Fair Trees®.

Fair Trees® promotes sustainable production and decent wages and working conditions for all of those who supply the seeds for buyers in the billion-pound Christmas tree industry. It also raises funds for community projects in Ambrolauri and for equipment and insurance for cone pickers.

After a year of dedicated fundraising, Fairwind and MA Assist raised £10,000 towards the renovation of the school. This was matched by the Georgian government and an extensive renovation of the school has now been completed.

“‘We presented a cheque for £10,000 to the Fair Trees® team this summer,” says Teresa. “We have just heard they have completely refurbished the village school in time for Christmas, which is quite poignant considering the nature of their only source of income.”

The plight of the cone pickers can be followed on Facebook at showing stories of fundraising efforts and the team’s visit to Georgia. There is also a link to a video with Georgia-born British singer Katie Melua who is now Patron of Fair Trees®.

The success of Fair Trees® means seeds gathered from these plantations are recognised as Fair Trade by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and also have organic accreditation. Fair Trees® sources its own seeds and grows Nordmann Fir trees using strict ethical and environmental policies such that the trees themselves are also accredited by the WFTO.

After his death, Ivane Kaerbashvilli’s widow, Lali, was quoted in Politiken Today saying her husband was picking cones for a large company from Denmark. Danish companies are behind 70% of the seeds harvested in Georgia. None of them took responsibility for the tragedy but did say they have an ongoing dialogue with grain traders at national and international level.

Fair Trees® guarantees a quality Christmas tree. It’s a product that does not cost the earth or a life which makes them an excellent choice as they are just like any ordinary Nordmann Fir Christmas tree but conscience-free. They also hold their needles very well. Merry Christmas!

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Teresa Owen

Fairwind sells wonderful ranges of fair trade gifts and handicrafts that have been handmade with great care and attention to detail. Fairwind has been trading since 2000 selling a fantastic selection of high quality handmade presents from all over the developing world. The company is driven by a passion for fair trading terms for all partners in the supply chain, as well as concern for the environment and a belief that everyone can make a difference. At Fairwind they believe in trade, not aid, and that ethical shopping can help to create the changes needed to make lives better for millions of skilled artisans around the world. Fairwind only stocks the finest, high quality fair trade products that are desirable and well priced for the UK consumer and profitable for everyone in the supply chain. Their ethical products have all been sourced using fair trade ethics, so you can shop with Fairwind safe in the knowledge that you are being a truly ethical consumer. Fairwind has also been leading the UK campaign to make Nordmann Fir Christmas trees fair trade. Working with the pioneer in this field, Fair Trees® in Denmark, Fairwind has brought the ethical issues around the UK’s most popular Christmas tree to the public’s attention and is working with growers and retailers to change the way the Christmas tree industry operates.

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