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Teresa Owen

Fairwind sells wonderful ranges of fair trade gifts and handicrafts that have been handmade with great care and attention to detail. Fairwind has been trading since 2000 selling a fantastic selection of high quality handmade presents from all over the developing world. The company is driven by a passion for fair trading terms for all partners in the supply chain, as well as concern for the environment and a belief that everyone can make a difference. At Fairwind they believe in trade, not aid, and that ethical shopping can help to create the changes needed to make lives better for millions of skilled artisans around the world. Fairwind only stocks the finest, high quality fair trade products that are desirable and well priced for the UK consumer and profitable for everyone in the supply chain. Their ethical products have all been sourced using fair trade ethics, so you can shop with Fairwind safe in the knowledge that you are being a truly ethical consumer. Fairwind has also been leading the UK campaign to make Nordmann Fir Christmas trees fair trade. Working with the pioneer in this field, Fair Trees® in Denmark, Fairwind has brought the ethical issues around the UK’s most popular Christmas tree to the public’s attention and is working with growers and retailers to change the way the Christmas tree industry operates.

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