CoopeTal – Fueling Talamanca

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Filming in Cahuita National Park

The possibility of oil exploitation has threatened the greater community of Talamanca, Costa Rica, for many years. As one of the most biodiverse areas on this planet, its fertile land supports rich agriculture and a booming ecotourism industry.

A Small Biodiesel Setup

On the coastline of Talamanca, in Cahuita National Park, there still sits an uncapped test well, drilled decades ago by exploring oil companies. To this day it still bubbles up warm and slick, flowing little by little into the surrounding environment.

Touring The Farm in Talamanca

The locals in Talamanca do not want petroleum companies to be allowed to pollute the fragile ecosystem upon which so many people depend. Rather than take a stand and simply say “No,” many local leaders – based in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca – have banded together to provide an alternative to petroleum. The Cooperativa de Talamanca Sostenible is the product.

The goal of this cooperative is to find a source of sustainable clean energy that benefits not only the environment but also the local community, and serves as an inspiration for people around the world.

CoopeTal – Fueling Talamanca from Actuality Media on Vimeo.

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Filming On The Caribbean Shore

This video was produced on location by an Actuality Media student crew and shot with a Canon XA10.

Director: Alicia Haberman
Producer: Amy Zhang
Cinematographer: Elle Marsh
Editor: Leandra Ruppersburg

Actuality Media is on the ground with every student crew to oversee production of these short documentaries, providing the services of executive producer, production manager, location scout, additional editing, and whatever else is needed to complete the project.

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