Crowdfunding Platform StartSomeGood Puts World-Changing Ideas First

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After working with some of the foremost experts in changing public policy and scaling lasting positive change at Ashoka, a nonprofit organization supporting over 3,000 social entrepreneurship fellows worldwide with a stringent selection process, StartSomeGood co-founders Tom Dawkins and Alex Budak posed a question, “How can we help every great idea reach fruition?”

The answer came in the form of, an online platform that paralleled and expanded on what crowdfunding websites like have accomplished. “We saw the successes that Kickstarter made possible for artists and we wanted to empower social enterprises to do the same,” Budak said.

StartSomeGood goes a step further than Kickstarter and allows its organizations to create a lasting presence on the site. “A social venture can not only gain funding with StartSomeGood, but they can also recruit volunteers and request concrete services and actions.” Dawkins explained. Organizations can also have multiple campaigns on the site over time, and instead of a Kickstarter-like all-or-nothing funding deadline, funding campaigns only have to reach a user-set percentage of funds raised to be claimed.

StartSomeGood launches late February 2011, but changemakers can already submit venture and project ideas. If you think you have an awesomely innovative idea to change the world and want to leverage the power of the crowd to make it happen, you can apply at

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5 Comments on "Crowdfunding Platform StartSomeGood Puts World-Changing Ideas First"

  1. Tom Dawkins February 15, 2011 at 5:59 pm ·

    Thanks for this article Tristan. It’s so exciting to be receiving so many world changing ideas and I can’t wait to help new social entrepreneurs start some good!

  2. Auren Kaplan February 16, 2011 at 6:11 pm ·

    I’ve spoken with founder Alex Budak and I can attest to his nuanced approach to social entrepreneurship. I’m looking forward to participating on StartSomeGood in a meaningful way!

  3. Daniel Wuthrich September 20, 2012 at 1:43 pm ·

    We started our Campaign for a advanced Time Bank and Social/Biz Network at StartSomeGood today

    The great team at StartSomeGood helped much to build the campaign. Really a good service

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