DIY 2013 Calendar Showcases Sustainable Production

Posted by on November 16, 2012 in Green, Measure Impact

Designer Heather Lins described the naming of her calendar kit as her “aha! moment.” We felt similarly when we stumbled across her work that’s on sale now at Designed Good.

The Stitch the Stars calendar kit – we agree with Heather on the “aha” name – includes 12 separate cards that allow you to stitch a constellation for each month. The 2013 kit is made of recycled card stock, and the embroidery floss that comes with it is glow-in-the-dark. We could say it will save the electric energy used in your night light, but the real benefit is definitely in the fun involved.

Heather Lins founded her design studio in 2008 as a way to marry her interests: home décor and graphic design. She had wanted to be an interior designer from her childhood and got interested in graphic design in college because she enjoyed art and writing.

For Heather, using eco-friendly materials wasn’t an added bonus – it was an incorporated part of her design philosophy; she has been using recycled materials since her launch. “If I was going to design things, I wanted to design them thoughtfully,” Heather said.

The Calendar Kits are screen printed in Orlando, FL and Heather assembles them personally. She is responsible for the creation of the calendars from start to finish, demonstrating that there doesn’t have to be a big gap between the design process and manufacturing.

We think the Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit is exciting because it allows you to participate in design. We love designers, but they shouldn’t have all the fun. Heather chose a constellation theme because she loves scientific motifs in general.

Heather’s take on socially responsible business is simple. “I believe each of us should do what we can,” she said. “If we all do a small part, we can achieve amazing results.”

Katy Gathright

Katy Gathright is the co-founder of Designed Good, a new community that curates the best in design and social good. They hand-select and sell clothing, accessories, gear, gadgets, and artwork and tell the stories of how each product is designed for social good. She graduated from Williams College in 2012 and is most excited about engaging other millennials in the idea of great design for social change.

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