Eco-friendly “GreenBox” Pizza Packaging Launched in Boston

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5837677046_de363440a3America’s love for pizza knows no bounds. 93 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a month. Out of total five billion pizzas consumed worldwide each year, the US alone consumes three billion. Across the US, around 70,000 pizzerias are in operation, and the average pizzeria uses 55 pizza boxes per day. That translates to about 1.4 billion pizza boxes used in the country each year.

GreenBox, the multi-functional, environment-friendly pizza box by Ecovention, LLC, offers a revolutionary eco-conscious pizza packaging solution. GreenBoxbreaks into plates and a storage unit for leftovers, and is made of 100 percent recyclable material. It has been dubbed “the pizza box of the 21st century” by Fox News.

Ecovention has announced that Upper Crust Pizzeria, an award-winning pizza restaurant chain in Boston, MA, will be carrying GreenBox pizza boxes. As of July 1, 2014, Upper Crust is already using the GreenBox in all of their greater Boston area locations.

GreenBox offers a complete redesign of the industry-standard pizza box. The top of the box breaks down into four plates, while the bottom easily folds into a convenient storage container for the leftovers. This imaginative green packaging solution eliminates the need for disposable plates, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil, and presents an innovative eco-friendly answer to the waste generated by the pizza industry.

Operations Manager for the Upper Crust Pizzeria, Shawn Shenefield, said that the company provides a pizza box that not only reduces its environmental footprint, but also adds convenience to the lives of its customers. Co-Founder of Ecovention, LLC, Jennifer Wright, said that her company is proud to have a presence in such a major Boston staple, which paves the way for the expansion of the GreenBox product up the East Coast.

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