Enable Impact Helps Two Social Enterprises Raise $250,000 Each

Posted by on January 12, 2016 in charity, Entrepreneurship, World

babySocial enterprises are usually more inclined to innovate and experiment than conventional business models because they are typically designed to fill a gap in existing services not likely to be addressed by private sector companies. A key challenge for early-stage social ventures is how to find relevant investors quickly and cost-effectively.

This is where an organization such as Enable Impact is making a difference. Enable Impact empowers social entrepreneurs to find sustainable solutions to the social, humanitarian, environmental and inequity issues impacting the world. The organization also provides a global searchable database of social ventures and impact investors.

Enable Impact has already helped two social ventures get funded and close their rounds. NurturMe, a company specializing in responsibly-sourced, organic baby foods was looking to close a $1.7 million round. It was introduced by Enable Impact to Investors’ Circle, leading to $250,000 in equity investments to close the round.

With Enable Impact’s robust search and filtering capability, Caroline Freedman, the founder of NurturMe, was able to assemble a shortlist of relevant impact investors to reach out to and vet with help from EcoEnteprises Fund. Enable Impact’s timely alert helped Caroline connect with Investors’ Circle, ultimately leading to $250,000 in equity investments, and inturn, the completion of the $1.7 million round.

Agora for Good, a platform helping people with their charitable giving also raised $250,000. Using Enable Impact’s impact investor database and search tools, Angela Campbell, founder of Agora for Good, was able to search among hundreds of potential investors, match with a few relevant ones, and connect with Investors’ Circle.

Angela said that Enable Impact’s easy-to-use tools and excellent investor network helped Agora for Good quickly find and connect with Investors’ Circle, ultimately leading to a successful funding round. Andrew Cousins at Investor Network said that the network looks forward to connecting with more entrepreneurs through Enable Impact’s online portal to engage them at in-person pitch events.

Source: Enable Impact

Image Credit: Flickr via basykes

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