Essay contest for building a school in rural Laos

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On June 10, 2011, I received an email from Steve Rutledge, the president of Adopt a Village in Laos, in which he informed me about an essay writing contest to help build a school in rural Laos. Below is that very email wherein he encourages each recipient to vote for the essay about Hat Kham Village.

All of you know that I have been fundraising to be able to build more schools, more water supplies, water filters, hygienic toilets and bicycles for the rural villagers of Laos.

Recently I was contacted by someone who was entering an essay contest for the Jao Lao Foundation, the winner of which not only gets to go to Laos, but a school will be built in the village that they write about. This lady chose to write about Hat Kham Village, in need of a school because their school was destroyed by last years monsoons!

Hat Kham Village is on my list to raise funds to build a school – I have 15 other schools to raise funds for too and it would be wonderful if Hat Kham was chosen – this would save me a lot of effort to try to raise funds for.

The competition closed today and the voting now begins. It is easy – all you have to do is vote on Facebook. If you dont’ have a facebook account, it is easy to sign up and you are actually prompted. Please take a look at the following and click the link. Please choose Essay #1 (there are four to choose from). Please vote NOW if at all possible – I wouldn’t want anyone to forget. Note that when you get to the home page, click on Notes! Thx

“The Village School Search will run from June 10-24. The four essays will be found under Jai Lao Foundation’s Notes section listed under Village Essay #1, Village Essay #2, Village Essay #3, Village Essay #4. While all four villages are worthy of having a school built, only one can win this contest through your votes. Please take the time to read all four essays to determine which one you’d like to vote for. You must “LIKE” the Jai Lao Foundation first in order to have your vote counted.

ONLY ONE VOTE PER FB USER PLEASE. If Jai Lao sees you have voted more then once, then your vote will be disqualified. The contest is two weeks long. Jai Lao will tally up the votes Friday, June 24 and announce the winning essay at our 2nd Anniversary One Night in Laos Charity dinner June 25. ”

It looks like I’m going to need your help again in getting Ban Hat Kham to be the top voted essay. If you are not on Facebook already, will you join and “Like” Jai Lao Foundation? Second, will you spread the words to your families and friends to join Facebook and those who are already on Facebook to “Like” Jai Lao Foundation as well. The poll for the essay contest is now open, but please remember that you can only vote Ban Hat Kham’s dream of getting a school could become a reality soon if we rally everyone to help us with this cause.

To become a fan, visit Jai Lao Foundation on Facebook.

Thanks so much!

Steve Rutledge

(President of Adopt a Village in Laos)


It is said that a journey begins with a single step. On Tuesday, July 7, 2010 my journey to Laos began when I met Mike Yap, who introduced me to the Adopt a Village project. Having always been fascinated by other cultures, I was immediately captivated by the concept. In mid-August I visited Port Hope, where Mike and Steve Rutledge, who is the other half of the driving force behind this humanitarian effort, reside. That weekend I listened to Steve talk with great enthusiasm about their work. I became more and more intrigued. On Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I visited them again. That Saturday night I had the honour of attending their presentation/fundraiser for the Adopt a Village in Laos project at the beautifully restored Capitol Theatre in downtown Port Hope, Ontario. Having never had their presentation/fundraisers captured on video before, I volunteered to record this event with my iPhone. When I returned home, I would edit it and then upload it to YouTube in hopes of raising awareness of their work to a larger audience. From that weekend I came away glowing inside with a wonderfully positive energy. Inspired, I made a commitment to myself and to Mike and Steve that I would help them with their endeavours. Since that time, I haven't disappointed. Please visit my personal blog, My Journey to Laos, at to see how I have been trying to help them raise awareness for their cause. Ultimately, I will go to Laos and experience for myself all the great work which they have done and continue to do.

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