German Designer Gets the Ball Rolling For Sustainable Energy

Posted by on February 4, 2014 in Green, Tech

antA German architect has designed an eye-catching device to capture both sunlight and moonlight. The system is shaped like a giant glass marble held by a robotic steel frame.

André Broessel, of a company called Rawlemon, says the new solar energy harvesting system is 35 percent more efficient than conventional dual-axis photovoltaic designs. The design has won Rawlemon a nomination in the World Technology Network Award 2013’s shortlist. He’s also produced a version called Betaray which can capture and concentrate sunlight even on cloudy days.

Instead of silicon cells, the sphere is filled with a transparent liquid. One of the advantages of the Rawlemon design is its spherical, transparent shape which combines a concentrator lens and emitter.

The system incorporates a rotational weatherproof natural optical tracking device that makes it suitable for any surface. A modular collector system enables it to charge and store energy day and night and it can be expanded with a Stirling engine to generate surplus electricity.

Like all new technologies, it needs to be tried and tested but it adds diversity to solar power technologies, besides ​offering ​a great design that would add aesthetic value to any building.

Image credit: Rawlemon

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