Get to Know 15 Social Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Ideas on Squidoo

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Whether you are into social media networks or not, Squidoo is a must-use idea for nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and everyday people trying to help raise funds for their venture.  By simply creating a lens (a.k.a. page) about your passions you can raise money from Squidoo’s profit-sharing advertising and donation modules.

For those of you that didn’t read my last article, I do social media marketing for Ashoka. A few months ago I setup their main lens (see below). I also created other lenses that would help inform people about Ashoka’s initiatives like Youth Venture and Social Entrepreneurship. These lenses were great successes in that they informatively granted access to pictures, videos and the true emotion behind these initiatives.

To learn more about charities on Squidoo, visit Squidoo’s own lens on the subject. The Community & Charity Organizer lens starts the list of the Top 15 Social Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Ideas on Squidoo.

Community & Charity Organizer on Squidoo

Social Entrepreneurship
GreenSkeptics – donates to the Acumen Fund

Save the Children
Buttons of Hope
SafeHouse Outreach
Calvin’s Hats – donates to March of Dimes

Food for Everyone Foundation
Action Against Hunger

Megal – donates to Ecotrust, EnviroCorps

Don’t forget to check out SocialEarth’s new lens at

You can also view more philanthropy lenses on Squidoo here. Or visit more green lenses here.

Any Squidoo lenses you want to include? Comment them below.

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