Global Health Corporate Champions in Ghana

Posted by on February 9, 2016 in CSR, Non-Profit, World

_DSC0218Global Health Corporate Champions is making pro bono experiences more accessible and affordable for companies interested in exploring pro bono in a critical emerging market. PYXERA Global is fielding a multi-corporate, cross functional team of 10-12 professionals for a four-week assignment in Accra, Ghana in June, 2016, under the USAID Global Health Fellows Program II.

Openings are still available for interested companies to place individual employees in this innovative new program. 

“This initiative is a new way to engage companies to contribute their most valuable resources — their people — to make a difference in global health,” said Sharon Rudy, Ph.D., Director of the Global Health Fellows Program II, implemented by the Public Health Institute.

The Global Health Corporate Champions will work with local organizations addressing issues regarding water and sanitation, food and nutrition, gender equality and empowerment, and health system strengthening.  Although the focus will be on critical public health issues, selected professionals with a variety of business and operational expertise from companies across industry sectors are needed to help host client organizations address operational needs and improve their ability to serve their communities.

“The Global Health Champions Corps gives private sector companies a vehicle to complement the efforts of USAID to help address some of the deepest health challenges facing the world today,” said Deirdre White, CEO, PYXERA Global. “A tri-sector approach is essential to this and we’re excited to see where this pilot takes us.”

“We’re already seeing an interest from companies representing a variety of sectors, including finance, professional services and medical technology, that you wouldn’t necessarily expect,” said Amanda MacArthur, VP, Global Pro Bono and Engagement, PYXERA Global. “They’re interested for a number of reasons, ranging from taking part in the rising pro bono movement to raising employees’ global leadership competencies.”

Global pro bono program participants gain an extraordinary and accelerated professional development experience; local clients gain an infusion of talent and experience to meet critical needs which would otherwise be unmet, and sponsoring companies gain authentic reputations for social responsibility, insights into new markets, and employees with honed global leadership skills.

For more information on the program or indicate interest, see Global Health Corporate Champions website.

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