GoodCompany Ventures: Incubating A New Generation of Social Entrepreneurs

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In light of the global economic meltdown (not to mention moral obligation to the human race), we are thankfully moving into a more socially conscious and fiscally responsible business environment. The next generation of leaders for our nations, companies and organizations will undoubtedly be socially mindful and indeed, they must. In order for us to ensure our economies are sound and our planet is sustainable, it is imperative that our leadership is a clear reflection of those values. Therefore, our enterprise, leadership and educational infrastructures must nurture socially conscious business models.

One company directly involved in the personal and professional development of social entrepreneurs is GoodCompany Ventures. Recently, launched in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and founded by early-stage venture capitalists, IT entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders and other professionals, GoodCompany Ventures has made it their mission to incubate social entrepreneurs. The company is set to matriculate its first cohort of social entrepreneurs this upcoming summer. Entrepreneurs applying will be critically evaluated to ensure their ideas are encompassing of a triple bottom line; people, profit and planet.

Once selected, GoodCompany Ventures provides entrepreneurs with support, facilities, mentoring and an opportunity to pitch their idea for funding. The program is a pioneer in the social sector, repurposing a proven venture strategy in this emerging sector. Unlike conventional venture incubators, GoodCompany Ventures doesn’t extract an equity commitment from entrepreneurs, but expects a commitment of time and creativity toward building a community of social entrepreneurship.

If you’re a social entrepreneur with a world changing idea and are interested in idea refinement, mentorship and funding, consider applying to their inaugural cohort, commencing on June 1, 2009. Applications are now being accepted.

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