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Recently, a new social platform called “ was launched for Indian students. The name is a combination of English and Sanskrit words where “Shikshak” means “teacher” or “professor”. They believe that working based on the feedback yields better results and six sigma concepts prove this point to be true.

GradeMyShikshaks provides you an opportunity to know the best educational institution across India. It further makes it possible to find out the strength and weakness of each departments and the staffs in any college as students write their straight forward and honest reviews. Their discussion forum and reviews helps the institutions to an extent that each teacher is assessed and rated by students from various departments and classes. Teachers themselves strive to achieve good reviews and ratings from students at GradeMyShikshaks which indirectly helps the institutions and the student community.

Their articles helps to find out the best grants and scholarships provided in each college and institution across India. Any academic event, educational news, research citing or paper presentation, commencement of exams, result dates, college academic calendar and much more can be accessed through their search. They recommend students to submit their articles and thoughts on any academic grounds at GradeMyShikshaks.

Speaking of serious concerns, the biggest worry which students face in recent times in college is ragging. Most students are not aware of the consequences of ragging as there is no awareness provided by the college or by the educational boards. This causes students to indulge in ragging where they try to show off power or try and derive a sadistic pleasure as they feel superior over the juniors or freshers. A few extreme ragging cases have helped colleges to frame this as a punishable offense and there are strict rules being enforced in colleges to ban ragging from its root.

Grademyshikshaks helps students and colleges in stopping ragging by creating awareness amongst the students, teachers and parents that this is a cowardly act which does no good to anyone. Ragging further spoils the disciplined atmosphere in a college and does bad things to the reputation of the college. Share your views and let’s help our college and students to get rid of ragging and thereby provide a hassle free and fearless environment to our fellow students. Let’s urge colleges to act tough on ragging to eradicate any unnecessary future embarrassments which might spoil a freshman’s life.

Among some of the most serious problems regarding college student health is suicide. Recent articles about deaths on campuses have brought attention to this issue and have lead some to believe that suicides are more frequent then they are and that suicide is easily avoided. In this competitive world, students strive hard to stand out of the competition to achieve success. This involves higher mental pressure to perform well in the academics and in all possible fields of study. A few students succumb to this excessive mental pressure and agony which they carry from their school days. We understand that suicide is one of the most preventable forms of death but doing so is quite complex. Let’s discuss the prevention efforts and steps that one can take to help someone who is suicidal.

While students fight for better grades, it is also important that they are given proper guidance and mentoring to control their mental stress. Stress can be drained out by making the student spend some time relaxing on things which he/she likes to do the most. Parents and teachers should analyze the strength and area of interest of each student before they are given a career path. It’s always the key as this decides how involved the student is going to be in his/her higher studies. Students should be given the choice to choose their graduate course and even the projects of the tasks which they take during their college. This would kindle the interest in the student and help them achieve greater heights in their academics. At GradeMyShikshaks, they encourage students to discuss and share their topics of interest and provide them an environment which is informative, decisive and more than all a fun place to be in.


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