How To: Create Better Healthcare in Cameroon

The vulnerability of Africa and Cameroon in particular, exposes it to different adversities that affect its development. This has delimited the target and the scope of most of its communities. Very many of them have given up especially as they live below the poverty level of $1 a day. With their meager resources, they are bound to take care of their feeding, health, education and many other social needs.

The population living below the national poverty line for the period 1990-2003 in Cameroon stood at 40.2%. Income poverty in the country varies according to region, roughly increasing two-fold between urban (22.1%) and rural areas (49.9 %). Consequently households are bound to have a higher risk for domestic violence, particularly neglect, than orphaned children.

In order to lend a hand of support to government efforts to address these issues and to guarantee better health conditions for the population of Cameroon and especially the poorest of the poor, and also in an attempt to help the government to realize and attain the MDGs 4, 5, 6 and 8 (4: Reduce child mortality; 5: Improve Maternal health; 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases; 8: Develop a Global Partnership for development) Hope For All Cameroonians Foundation (HFACAM) was founded.

As a non-profit organization, HFACAM is wholly funded by gifts from well wishers and donors with the goal of ultimately establishing an endowment fund. HFACAM’s head office is located in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. HFACAM’s pilot programs are launched in Fako division in the South West Region of Cameroon with expansion to other communities slated as resources become available.

Our Vision
Provide affordable and sustainable access and delivery of health care services to all communities in Cameroon by efficiently and effectively combining and leveraging external resources with community initiatives.

Our Peculiarity:
HFACAM provide an enabling environment for a community health service partnership where by the community participates actively in health campaigns and sensitization activities. We do not wait to treat but work with the communities to identify health risk factors and address them primarily with locally oriented efforts before applying any other initiative. We base our focus on minimizing cost but addressing squarely the problem.
Our partnership with the government and especially the Ministry of Public Health makes us credible and makes us as a potential arm of health care service providers in the Country.

How You Can Help:
Our first need is a receptive community that is ready to collaborate and contribute to address the health situation of the people. And in this domain, we are already driving at establishing a sustainable partnership between HFACAM and the one of our neighboring communities. Secondly, we are in need of partners who can support us in infrastructural development. Partners that share our dream and that believe that obtaining a favorable working environment is already a big guarantee for good service provision.

We also need to establish sustainable partnerships with medical institutions and Doctors for specialized cases so as to be able to use their expertise at the cheapest cost possible when need arises.
Since we are not a money making initiative, we shall also need support to procure other equipment that will complement our hospital and give it the status of a reference hospital.

We want to bring quality health care Services nearest to the people. Join us!

Diane Tchiengoua

Business Development Executive at Hope For All Cameroonians (HFACAM) Business consultant, social entrepreneur interested in issues that challenge the African continent in general and Cameroon in particular. MBA with focus in International Business More about Diane

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